How Our Decisions Are Subconsciously Influenced


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In this episode, I summarize Dan Ariely's Ted Talk about how our decisions are subconsciously influenced. He uses the table and rubik's cube example to paint the picture of how visually our mind plays tricks on us. Since visual representation is easier to pick up on than cognitive, he emphasizes that more mistakes are bound to be made when dealing with cognitive influences.
Some of the examples he used were the differing percentages of donors across countries and how the phrasing of the DMV form in the corresponding countries led to those percentages. Also, we learn about the effect of the third bad choice being included in our decisions has and what the subtraction of it can do to our future conclusions.
I use the "Wife and the Step Mother" painting as an example of illusions visually as well as having to decide between houses as a way to further support Dan Ariely's point.
If you are interested in learning more about how our decisions are influenced more than we think, tune in!

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