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The Lovepools are a Los Angeles pop-rock group formed in 2017. The duo consists of Anthony Shea (lead vocals, guitars and keyboards) and Aria Cruz (bass, keyboards, background vocals). After releasing two EP's The Lovepools released their first indie rock single, "See You In The Funny Papers" which can be seen on Showtime’s “Shameless” Season 9 Premiere. In 2020, the band signed with Sword Music in license with Sony Music Italy and released single "White Lies & Palm Trees". This track was a departure from their guitar based indie rock roots towards a cleaner, dreamier synth-pop sound. The single was released by Sword Music in exclusive European license with Sony Music Italy and reached success in Italy, appearing on MTV and many other major Italian TV and radio stations. In October, 2020, the band released "White Lies &. Palm Trees - Pool House Remix" . The song has reached nearly 50,000 Spotify streams since its release and has been placed on Spotify’s editorial playlists. Out this August 3rd "Island Of My Own" is an upcoming summery pop-rock single by The Lovepools which features a bright production driven by an evolving synth riff, 80s drum loops, and funky synth-bass runs with a musical temperament inspired by Prince and Michael Jackson. The instrumental is spearheaded by an embellished vocal performance by lead singer Anthony Shea, who sings of beaches, storms and isolation.

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