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The ROAMHOWL PODCAST 2.0 is an ongoing conversation hosted by Jennifer Gardner about a more authentic and intuitive way of pursuing marketing strategy and small business success... Where we dig into the trends and new ways of thinking that are taking hold in the entrepreneurial and digital online marketing space and explore what it means to embrace technology and do business in the 21st Century. The world is changing, how we develop our business is changing and how we connect with our potential clients and customers is changing.... there’s a new paradigm of branding and marketing — one where you drop the pretense, show up fully and honestly as you so that you connect deeply with those you are here to serve, ... so that your work feels like a natural expression of your passion, your purpose, your creativity and your multi-dimensional self, and your marketing plan reflects that …..where we move away from outmoded ways of marketing that are manipulative, fear-and scarcity based, and towards a more ethical and intuitive way of growing our businesses…. one that honors you and your clients, and that’s a divine expression of who you are and the work you are here to do in the world.

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