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Jitterbug Jukebox is a podcast hosted by Duke Skellington and Professor Watson focusing on the subculture of the swing era music from the 1920s to 1940s and also its current state of electro swing which is being produced in the UK and around the world. We focus not only on the music but also on the culture; fashion, interviewing current artists as well as learning more about historical musicians and their place in time. Marshall Watson AKA Professor Watson: Marshall Watson is a professional Swing Dancer and Dance Instructor, who started dancing in 1999. Marshall has been seen dancing at various live events and productions throughout the country. Marshall has danced in numerous music videos for artists including Katy Perry, The Plain White Tee’s, The Jonas Brothers, Capital Cities, Paolo Nutini, Dustbowl Revival, and Johnny Hallyday to name a few. Marshall is a National Jitterbug Championship finalist. Marshall is known for his dapper fashion, and his smooth energetic LA style Lindy Hop. Marshall produces and DJ’s the event Swingtronic held at Pour Vous in Hollywood and also teaches group lessons and DJ’s around Los Angeles. Marshall is an aspiring actor, who was recently featured in Hail, Caesar! directed by The Coen Brothers. Look for him in the new film Suburbicon starring Matt Damon coming out next year. View Marshall’s dance reel below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj-seHPfGWc www.swingtronic.com/professor-watson Chad Sells AKA Duke Skellington: Duke Skellington is a professional music producer/DJ who started writing songs at the infancy of his teenage years. Influenced by the dynamic swing revival in Southern California in the 90s he wrote his first swing song when he was 14. Not quite yet old enough to get into every venue he would often sneak into clubs, bars, and dance halls just to get his fill of the swinging brass, syncopated rhythms. At this time he played piano and keys in a few swingin' bands. Later, in the mid 90s, Duke discovered the rave scene and fell in love with a different style of dance music. His musical creativity continued evolving as he explored the many genres of the rave scene including, drum n bass, trip hop, and EDM. All the while his passion and fondness for jazz and swing never went away. As time progressed his old love of swing music and relatively newer passion of electronic music began to merge through the inspiration of early electro swing artists like Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace. At this junction the circle became full as he saw the potential of his life passions integrating into one sound to which he is an avid enthusiast for today. He produces music under the group moniker of the Vaude Villainz, a project recently signed with Ragtime Records. He also releases tunes as simply "Duke Skellington" and can be found DJing in the electro swing underworld across the US or at home with his loved ones living that family life with his 9 year old son Zion and Fiancé Bridget.

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