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Fat to Fit realtor. CALDRE 01238257. I'm known as Connor with Honor and Connor MacIVOR. "I'm the Fat to Fit realtor and I want to get to work for you like I did to torch off over 135 pounds of body fat in 7.5 months. It required constant focus and consistency towards the goal I had dreamt about for so many years. Since 1998, I have been using the same application of my knowledge, tenacity and diligence to sell real estate, to build investment portfolios for clients and friends and in the representing of home buyers. If Any or all of these things are applicable to you or anyone you know, then you have found your Fat to Fit Realtor - I'm also known as Connor with Honor." - I am here to help you find your place in the world! I have been a Realtor since 1998. I was a full-time LAPD cop since 1990, so there is some overlap with professions. I was taken badly when I bought my first Santa Clarita home back in 1996. By taken by the agent I mean he tried to take full advantage of me never had bought a home before and my youthful age. At that time, I was an LAPD officer. he did not care. An equal opportunity criminal I suppose. One thing that I will say is after he got paid it was like crickets. He would not return pages (back in the day, before cellular phones were affordable, we had pagers - you'd dial a number then enter a numeric code - the person had a device about the size of a deck of playing cards, they see the number you sent, etc.). Anyway - I tried and tried. I went to his office, I felt as if those working with him were covering up. I was a cop, I knew things :) - Well, after a time I met with him face to face. He made good on the issues, but it was not without pulling a few teeth (in a manner of speaking). FF to 2021. I have a syndicated real estate radio show hosted on buzzsprout that syndicates to iTunes, Amazon, and others. I had been with REMAX for 23 years, and now Connor with Honor Realy One Group - Success in Santa Clarita / Los Angeles. My clients have more power and have a larger reach, hence the leaving after all of this time. Be well, if you need me you can reach me at 661.400.1720 and via my email of connormacivor@gmail.com please let me know how I can serve your real estate needs. It would make me happy.

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