Singing Flat With Sally b.


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ABOUT THE SHOW: WVMP (VocalzMusic & Publishing) is a popular new web radio broadcast station on Blog Talk Radio that was created by Pop and R&b Voice Coach, Sally b. Waller. The show, entitled, "Singing Flat With Sally b.", produced and hosted by Sally b. Waller, features music biz mentoring, voice coaching, promotion of developing artists, contests/on air talent shows, interviews, including interviews with celebrity entertainers and blog readings that are designed to enhance the talent of our listeners. The show is best described as a RADIO BLOG designed to put undiscovered talent on BLAST. We find them. You sign them. Unsigned/Independent Artists may submit their music for consideration at: All other inquires, including for media, sponsorships or to request to be featured on our show should be forwarded to: SHOW SCHEDULE: ON DEMAND episodes are available NOW. Shows are Prerecorded as a podcast. During live show segments listeners can call us at 347-989-8804 at show time to join the conversation or to participate in our SINGING FLAT segment. We'll be playing the original music of a few Unsigned/Independent Artists from time to time and they may be featured in our LISTENING PARTY segment. Want to submit your singing voice, provide a testimonial or show your support with a Shout Out? This link gives you 90 seconds or less: Be sure to visit THIS page each week for the latest episode of "SINGING FLAT WITH SALLY b." or check out our Facebook page for the very latest posts by Voice Coach, Sally b! This is a VocalzMusic & Publishing Production. Sharing is caring. Yours in music!

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