Evenings With Elvis - channeled by Daniel Stief on Sedona Talk Radio


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Daniel Stief channels The Eternal King, his brother, an Angel named Elvis. This Sedona Talk Radio Show opens with Elvis speaking on a topic of his choice. Then Elvis answers questions from callers, via chat or sent to him via email. Here is an explanation from the Angel Elvis explaining why he has come back from the other side. "My purpose in coming back on Planet Earth is to bring Messages From The Heart .You know ah - that's what we need to work on, Ladies and Gentlemen. We need to work on our hearts. And so many of us have closed out hearts. And what we find is that when my brother and I work together through this channeling of my voice ... and through the songs ... that it helps to touch people's hearts in a special way ... and open them up with the joy and the loved that they deserve ... Because Ladies and Gentlemen so

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