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Hi I’m Josh, and I’m a finance guy who love’s to trade options. I cut my teeth on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, so I saw firsthand how the “sausage was made” – and it usually wasn’t pretty. As former insider, I saw the inner workings of how these firms and fund managers rob customers right in front of their eyes every month. I quickly realized that professionals only care about getting their fee's first while 95% of them underperform the overall market every year. In fact, there’s been more fee’s paid out to these “wealth stealers” then overall returns since 2002. After playing by their rules and busting my ass for many years trying to climb the ladder, it started to not sit right with me. I had enough when I continued to be restricted on trying to do the right things for my clients to help them achieve better returns and having senior brokers dip their greedy paws into my checks, leaving me with barley anything to live on telling me… kid you gotta pay your dues. So I left that world behind with a vengeance to beat them at their own game and teach everyday hard working people who trusted these “wealth stealers” the know how and confidence how to manage their own money and to quickly generate returns to get them back on track. I’ve shared my message and strategies with over 129,000 people like you, and everyday investors have suddenly started making money in the market for the first time on their own. Make sure you subscribe to this channel and sign up to receive my daily emails at www.OptionSIZZLE.com so I can email you my daily my tips and secrets on how you can start creating wealth, freedom & options for you and your family.

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