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Jamilia Jackson aka “Jazze Jazz” was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. She is no stranger to the beautiful mountains of this wonderful state and its performance stages. She has performed poetry for public dignitaries, participated in stage plays both in school and in the civic arenas, and occasionally she was involved in radio and television. She was also actively involved in numerous community activities throughout the Southern Range from the late 1980’s until her senior year in high school. After graduating from Harrison High School in 1996, she attended the University of Denver,where she studied political science and psychology. From 1999-2013, Jazze lived in Houston, TX. While there she worked, studied at A.I.U. online and started a family. She has two beautiful daughters Imani & Samara both in Houston, TX. It is there in Houston that the radio bug bit her HARD. She realized that there is a need to shine some light on the quality music that is in the “Underground.”During her time in Houston, TX, Jazze had the amazing opportunity to listen, meet, and work with extremely talented independent artists from various genres’, both in radio and on the performance stage. Now in 2014 Jazze wants to bring her experience back to Colorado Springs. Action Radio was started in the summer of 2013. Action Radio originally aired on Heat 97.5 from, in Houston, TX, Jazze had the opportunity to interview the following artists: The New Cool (Gospel/Hip-Hop duo), Michael Staling (writer/director of “Behind The Pole” The Movie), Kuzzo Productionz (Rapper/producer of the hit song “Girlfriend” ft. DL Wilson and video show host of “Stuck Wit Kuz”), and TJ Boyce (Singer/songwriter of the hits “No Panties” and “I Believe In The Dream”). Jazz has built a solid “army” of Dj’s that she submits music to for club plays and playlist rotation. Some of those Dj’s (just to name a few) Dj Larose Royce (from 106 n Park fame, Dj Grandmaster Mitch and The World Famous DJ Cut Creator (LL Cool J’s Dj). She has also had the privilege of leaving her sultry voice on mixtape drops for Dj Earry, Dj Konvict and Dj Dollar Bill. She has made lasting rapport with A&R executives of record labels such as Def Jam Records, Virgin Records, Inter-scope Records, and Universal Records. She has interviewed the A&R executive of Urban Development with Atlantic Records, Claude Jenkins. Jazze is passionate about discovering the talent within the music scene in Colorado Springs and promoting positive conversation and most importantly good, quality music. So make sure you follow Action Radio on Twitter: @Heat975action, and tune in EVERY Thursday from 8pm-9pm MST to listen to WHO will go LIVE from the Underground with Jazze Jazz on Action Radio!

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