Building a D2C brand from first principles ft. Bharat Sethi, Founder & CEO, Rage Coffee


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The Indian market is seeing several startups offering innovative products in the D2C & FMCG segment.

One such innovative brand is Rage Coffee.

Founder Bharat Sethi launched Rage Coffee in the year 2018. It offers a variety of vegan-friendly, vitamin-infused instant coffee flavours. The brand is currently present in 2,500+ retail outlets pan-India and plans to expand its offline presence 5X within a year by strengthening its distribution channels.

In today’s episode, we talk with Bharat Sethi who has been a serial entrepreneur about his entire journey so far and how does Rage Coffee stands out as a brand, the mistakes he made being a founder and what are his future plans for Rage Coffee.

Notes -

02:02 - Intro

02:47 - Family background & what led him to entrepreneurship?

06:35 - Conceptualising PosterGully in 2012

11:09 - Exit from PosterGully

11:50 - Zoho Sponsored – Prashant Ganti on Where do founders struggle with Payroll and how can they fix it?

12:59 - Mistakes and learnings from iDecorama

18:45 - Ideating for Rage Coffee

25:55 - Milestones & Growth over the years

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