Do You Doubt Your Credibility?


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When I first started out, I chose the brand name “The Path of Me,” which focused on helping people find their own distinct path (of purpose) in life. At the time, this idea resonated with me. In the beginning I struggled with having my name tied to my work. Confidence in my ability to serve was never an issue. However I did wrestle with whether or not I had the credibility needed to share my message as an authority figure. Perhaps it was imposter syndrome. Over the years I put out lots of content and promoted my work across the social media multiverse. I made hundreds of videos, wrote articles, and launched a podcast, not to mention all the opportunities to share my message in person via speaking gigs and trainings. This was a period of learning. Want to know what else I learned? There is only one way to find out. Tune in and let today's message help you in your journey. [10-Minute Challenge] Use what you learned in today's episode and share your message with your audience. *** Like what you hear and want more free coaching tools? Go to: --- Support this podcast:

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