Connect with Your Audience Through Video Creation


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Nobody wants to be just another average joe business struggling to be seen and heard in a rapidly growing marketplace. It’s noisier than ever out there and if you’re not defining your brand and standing out from the crowd then, unfortunately, you will be lumped in with everyone else. That’s no way to build brand identity and certainly isn’t going to help scale your business. In terms of marketing, one powerful way to both define your brand and establish authority is to publish original content. This might include blogging, podcasting, or vlogging, which is both a simple and efficient option for companies getting into content creation. More than likely, you already know that creating your own original content could dramatically improve and amplify marketing efforts. It’s also likely that many listeners, despite knowing the power of content marketing, remain reluctant to include original content creation as a key component to their marketing strategy. If this is you, then it’s time to get honest with what’s really holding you back. If this ongoing worldwide slowdown and the various levels of quarantining have shown us anything, it’s that people are searching for new ways to connect with the influencers and brands that are important to them. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay connected with your audience and use technology to deliver information directly to them. [10-Minute Challenge] Publish a simple 3-minute video for your ideal client / customer *** Like what you hear on 10-Minute Mentor and want more coaching tools and training? I've got you covered. Go to: --- Support this podcast:

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