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Follow the story of Sirius, a man who took matters into his own hands when the zombie apocalypse began, and joined the ranks of the dead before they could force him to. Now a walking, talking, thinking corpse, how will Sirius handle the later stages of the zombie invasion? Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for News and Updates! Twitter: @Dead_SiriusPod Instagram: @DeadSiriusPod
Uk hardcore and Hard Dance DJ and Producer DJ Sirius (Mikey Shanley) created this podcast to spread the word on underground hard beats and his happenings as a DJ. Tune in for his diverse music selection from Hard Dance genres to Hardcore and Drum and Bass; as well as his unique style of MC'ing to lift up the crowd, talk about life and make that charismatic and personal connection.
Joe, a Harry Potter expert, and his girlfriend Monica, a Harry Potter novice, team up to chat about all things Harry Potter. Joe has read all of the books and Monica is currently reading the series. After binge-watching all eight movies during quarantine, the couple was inspired to dive deeper into the characters, themes, relationships, and plot. So, grab some butter beer, chocolate frogs, and enjoy Joe and Monica's light-hearted banter (with biweekly special guests), as they navigate the co ...
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Han var med och satte tonen i Sirius 2013 och 2014. Nu är Johan Arneng expert på Discovery och berättar i Are You Sirius? om sin tid i Uppsala och hur han ser på Sirius i dag. Arneng ser de kommande matcherna för Sirius som något av ett vägskäl, men är samtidigt imponerad över hur klubben utvecklats sedan han lämnade och dessutom tog med sig Kim Be…
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