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Join Julian and G.K. weekly as they discuss pop culture, relationships, current events, sports, wrestling & social topics with a unique blend of humor and storytelling! Julian is the married father who loves pop culture and watching obscure Japanese wrestling from the 80’s while G.K is the single, up-and-coming actor who always has interesting stories and encounters. Come listen to these vastly different friends debate about topics both large and small in an over-the-top manner that only the ...
Sharing is Caring ❤️ Podcast berisi obrolan dan komentar dari Pemuda Kristen. Punya pengalaman yang menarik untuk dibagikan? Jangan ragu untuk hubungi kami melalui DM Instagram. Follow this account and our social media. Instagram @ignite.gki ; YouTube IGNITE GKI
One of the few video Gimp tutorial podcasts! Gimp is a free open source image editing program. You can download Gimp here: www.gimp.org. You can see the rest of my tutorials at my website, www.gimpknowshow.webs.com. So far only episode 1 is out, but soon, I will be coming out with more. Expect an episode a week or so. Regards - GimpKnowHow
A travel podcast aimed to inspire listeners to discover their world on a daily basis. Designed to speak to people with full-time jobs, hectic schedules, or those simply happy with short-term travel plans, we talk to adventurers, travel bloggers, and wanderers about how to see more of the world around you. Packed with ideas and new ways of thinking, this travel podcast turns the idea of exploration on its head and shows listeners that adventure is right at their fingertips.
Behind every face is a story, behind every story is a lesson and underlying each lesson is a way of being that longs to be shared with the world. Join GK and F as they traverse the the paths of the many faces and seek to draw meaning from the words like lesson bounty hunters. Tune in to hear two mates learning on the fly, who love a yarn and hearing of life through the eyes of their guests and 'colourful' friends.
Jsem nezávislá makléřka a mým cílem je vzdělávat své klienty o věcech, které žádný makléř nechce vyzradit. Zakládám podcast, abych svou zkušenost mohla předat svým posluchačům. Reality dělám od roku 2014. Začala jsem v RK Coloseum, potom v Remax Mind. Tam jsem se naučila toto tvrdé řemeslo. Specializuji se na oblasti: Brno, Brno-venkov, Jihomoravský kraj, Vysočina. Zabývám se rodinnými domy, byty, pozemky. Dělám také chaty, chalupy, komerční objekty, výkupy, řešení exekuce a odhady nemovitos ...
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