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I am a professional artist-teacher-blogger with over 25 years of first hand experience. This podcast is to help you in this great journey we call art. Visit my blog for free instructional videos. Follow me on: Instagram Facebook
Mark Potter has dedicated over 25 years to the printing industry. He has created brands, authored books, and built a business from scratch. However, his real passion is helping other people tell the story of what they are passionate about. Through his company, Conduit Inc. and his flagship magazine, CANVAS, he has helped countless businesses clarify their strategy and deepen their connections with clients. Brush Strokes is a new podcast that brings some of these stories to life and every epi ...
Hosted by Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs, Canvas is a podcast all about mobile productivity. Armed with iOS, Federico and Fraser will be walking through workflows, exploring the best apps for the iPad and iPhone and helping users solve problems. Hosted by Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs.
Canvas es el lienzo en blanco, es el soporte, es la creatividad, es la materialización. Canvas es el hábitat, es el origen de los cotidiano, es un diálogo sobre, para y por las ideas. Seba Herrera, conduce un programa planteado como una conversación que permite entender cuál es curso y método que escogen los creadores para concretar el inagotable universo de las ideas.
Stel je voor: een ondernemer in Azië, Afrika of Zuid-Amerika heeft jouw expertise nodig. Je mag je spullen pakken, want je gaat voor 14 dagen op missie! PUM (Programma Uitzending Managers) stuurt jaarlijks 1400 experts op pad om gedurende 2 weken strategisch advies te geven aan een onderneming in een ontwikkelingsland. Elk project brengt interessante challenges met zich mee, zowel op inhoudelijk gebied als op cultureel gebied. In de PUMcast gaat Hester, een jonge PUM-expert, in gesprek met 3 ...
Insightful conversations with leading creative minds using their skillset to help tackle the environmental crisis. From designers using sustainable materials to artists and photographers exploring climate issues. We learn more about their work, how they push forward positive change, and find out what tips they have for you to help create the sustainable future our planet needs.
Welcome to my Podcast page. I am an amateur still learning the space but am aiming to bring value as I increase my knowledge in the areas of Peak Performance, Immigration, Sales, Print, Marketing and Cooking (I know that is ambitious...) Tune in and leave feedback so I can know how and where to improve!
A weekly podcast with talented and fascinating people from an array of fields and crafts. Every Wednesday. Presented by Cameron Rawson. Instagram - | Twitter - | Facebook - | Website - | Contact:
Calgary Canvas is a five-part series that illustrates two views on city issues. Tune in to hear a new topic every episode, produced and hosted by two reporters from the Calgary Journal. Produced by Meg Wilcox and the COMM 3727 podcasting class at Mount Royal University // Music by Ricardo-Andres Garcia // Logo created with icons by vitodelacosta, Jakob Wells, Pham Thi Dieu Linh & Ralph Schmitzer, courtesy the Noun Project.
The Blank Canvas is an experience like none other. It honestly can not be described. Be clear that it is named "The Blank Canvas" for a reason. No one knows what will be said, until it is said. We warn and encourage you to throw all caution to the wind and indulge in the notion of limitless boundaries. Follow ECST through a never ending journey of weekly wisdom and impractical humor.
Behind The Canvas

Behind The Canvas

Roxanne Vise, Creative Tempo

Inspiration, insight, interviews and action steps for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Helping artists Turn Pro, Roxanne Vise, artist and founder of Creative Tempo, provides a foundation for art business and marketing tools that work, revealing a new class of artists that have an insider, Behind The Canvas pass, to a community of support, learning and leading. Listen in, subscribe and begin taking the steps to turn pro in your own art business today.
The From the Canvas Podcast brings boxing analysis from a fan perspective. Joe and Dave delve into the biggest fights and examine the bouts, results and potential of boxing's biggest events. They also take a retrospective look at the biggest boxer's careers, starting with a fight by fight retrospective of Anthony Joshua’s boxing achievements so far. Brought to you by The Views from the Sofa Network
A unique look at the artists that bring our favorite beers to life through their artwork, labels and design. This beer agnostic project will feature a new artist each week and explore their process, how they teamed up with the brewery and learn a little bit more about their story. Join us on this unique adventure into the Craft Beer industry.
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In this episode I discuss my favorite cameras for shooting out in the field. For my Blog post about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX 100 VII: Make sure to visit my blog for free instructional videos and more! Website Instagram www.…
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