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Participating in the democratic processes is seen as being a fundamental aspect of citizenship. All pupils need a broad knowledge and understanding of the rights, responsibilities and duties of citizens, as well as an understanding of forms of government. Notions of citizenship have been forged alongside the expansion of the right to vote and the development of our ideas about democracy. In this unit we explore different interpretations of democracy and strategies for involving pupils in con ...
You’ve got a good job, you’re paying all the bills, you’ve got awesome people in your life... Now what? What else??? What next??? How on earth do you sort through all the options of fulfilling, exciting things you COULD do? You gotta’ be intentionally vicarious... Listen to in-depth stories of what other successful people are doing to reach self-actualization!
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DO NOT get swept up into the money-chasing, "Simplify & Polarize" strategy of the politicians and political media. The fact is, 85% of America is in general agreement about what abortion policy should be. That's right, 85% agreement.
Living and/or working in an echo chamber is safe and comfortable, but unconscionably lazy and dumb. It is SO, so easy to intentionally - or accidentally - place oneself in an environment that constantly reinforces pre-existing beliefs and opinions, and at the same time prevents consideration of alternative ideas and perspectives. Listen up to under…
I just got an invitation to connect on LinkedIn from a guy whose profile headline is, “A preeminent expert in leadership development through inclusion.” Not just any expert, a preeminent expert! Are you as impressed by that as me?
As we all slowly begin to emerge from our shelter in place lockdown we need to continue to examine and think about what happened, what we did in response to this pandemic and what we should do next.
Trump’s ability to be an effective President of the United States of America and Commander-In-Chief is incidental to the primary goal of the Dems & Republicans, which is to ensure the ongoing growth and financial health of the Political Industry.
The short answer to "What's a capitalist's path to community service?" Implement a Willful Impact Business Unit that makes a profit and climbs the Hierarchy of Community Service.
Like it or not you, me and everyone else we know is part and parcel of placing a dollars and cents value on a human life. Get your head around that!
All of it! It all needs to become null and void. The CARES Act got passed in a gigantic hurry. I’m OK with that. BUT... When the crisis is over, the CARES Act needs to end with it. If parts of it make sense, Congress can enact new legislation to reinstate those and only those parts.
Seems like I touched a few nerves with my “Whither the Post Office” episode a couple of weeks ago. Enough so that I feel compelled to respond to a few things that emerged as objections to my perspective.
With politicians and bureaucrats using crises to suck up more power for themselves, we Americans must insist upon and/or take it upon ourselves to accomplish 3 things: ALL “corona-legislation,” that is, bills passed to address this black-swan COVID-19 event, must have a 12 month sunset provision. Relax regulatory restrictions - temporarily - to fac…
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