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Canada’s worst shooting spree in modern history has left us with far more questions than answers. Journey inside every single hour of this tragedy as it happened with Global News Halifax reporter Sarah Ritchie. This 13-part true crime series will try to piece together exactly what happened and what could or should have been done to prevent it.
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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right of peaceful protest, with limits. A recent court case highlighted that, when two people were convicted for protesting in a Natural Resources Department office. Our legal columnist Wayne MacKay explains.
We'koqma'q is opening a moderate livelihood fishery. The First Nation has a "mutual agreement" with DFO to fish in certain areas off the northern, eastern, and southern parts of Cape Breton. We spoke to Chief of We'koqma'q, Annie Bernard-Daisley, and Brennan Peters, the Moderate Livelihood Navigator for We'koqma'q for more details.…
Our culture columnist Tara Lynn Taylor tells us why some Halifax theatre artists formed a new troupe just to put on the Annie Baker play Aliens. Plus, hear about the Scotia Festival of Music and a celebration of the arts featuring Jeremy Dutcher, Kiefer Sutherland and more!
Lynn Jones's family homestead is one of only a couple of original houses left in "The Marsh" – a historic Black community in Truro, where community members were forced out by years of flooding and systemic racism. Hear why Lynn says it's time for reparation and consultation.
We have a panel discussion with three Caper's about how they're feeling the impact of high fuel prices. Jenny Hughes lives in Brook Village in Inverness County. She works at L'Arche Cape Breton in Iron Mines. Tim LeVangie owns and operates the farm "Thyme for Ewe", in Millville. Cheryl Hutt lives in Louisbourg and she works at the Fortress in the f…
A new study from Dalhousie University's School of Health and Human Performance shines a light on the challenges faced by Syrian women who recently gave birth in this province. We hear from Emma Stirling-Cameron, a research associate who led the study.
After a two year pandemic hiatus, the Gunn Baldursson Memorial Soccer Tournament was supposed to make a comeback this summer. But now the popular sporting event has been cancelled, because of a lack of qualified officials to referee the tournament. Hear how that happened.
Lucy Sharratt, the coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, outlines her concerns with Health Canada's decision to change its guidelines around many foods made from genetically-modified plants. Hear why she thinks this will mean less oversight for Canadian consumers.
Want to secure a resilient food supply by planting locally-produced seeds? We find out about a project that is helping Nova Scotia farmers access vegetable seeds that grow well in our climate. Steph Hughes with SeedChange and Chris Sanford with Yonder Hill Farm share the details.
Hear why Andrea Davis is returning to Shelburne after living away for 32 years, to become the new executive director of Birchtown's Black Loyalist Heritage Centre, a museum that celebrates the history of what was once one the largest free Black communities outside of Africa.
Sea level rise and storms are likely to cause major problems for coastal communities in Nova Scotia in the coming years. Tim Webster, an expert in coastal flood risk assessment, looks at why the community of Truro is vulnerable to flooding and what could help solve the problem.
Startling revelations have come out of the Mass Casualty Commission hearings. Testimony revealed RCMP did not follow up on reports the gunman owned illegal firearms, and that RCMP needed better technology to catch the mass shooter. Criminologist Kevin Walby shares his thoughts.
We speak with Sandra Mullen, the new president of the NSGEU, about how home care workers are finding it especially difficult to cope with the rising cost of fuel. Hear why this is especially concerning given that recruitment and retention in the continuing care sector is a top priority.
Lunenburg Doc Fest has a new opportunity for BIPOC filmmakers. Pamela Segger, executive director of the festival, tells us about the Breakthrough Program that will help emerging talent from BIPOC communities to develop documentaries and meet key players in the film industry.
Following a recent recall of a major brand of infant formula in the United States, news stories showed empty shelves as parents scrambled to find the product for their babies. Amanda MacDonald with the IWK Health Centre tells us about the formula supply situation here.
The CBRM says it will take a shot at making sure the Blizzard Female Hockey Association will get equal access to ice time. Paul MacDonald is the manager of facilities for the CBRM, he is in charge of allotting ice time for CBRM rinks.
Halifax's Gretchen Fitzgerald is director of Sierra Club Canada, one of two environmental groups asking the federal court to review the Canadian government’s decision to approve a massive oil development off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Hear why she wants to stop the project.
Shawn Montique has opened Gloria's International Grocery Store in Dartmouth, where he's selling Caribbean food and products. Shawn, who is originally from Jamaica, tested the waters for his new business by selling spices from his car. He talks about how his business took off from there.
A forest ecologist at Oregon State University has led a study that shows habitat loss from logging has caused at least 33 million birds to disappear from the Maritimes since 1985. Matt Betts lived in Fredericton while carrying out his research. Hear about his new findings.
African Nova Scotians are getting a chance to have their say on issues related to justice.Sixteen consultations are rolling out across the province, to talk about the African Nova Scotian Justice Action Plan. Micah MacIsaac with Nova Scotia's Department of Justice tells us more.
Thousands of Lebanese people living in Canada have cast ballots for the election in that country. Lebanon has been through several crises in recent years, including a devastating explosion that destroyed a huge swath of Beirut. Hear from a group in Nova Scotia that hopes voters outside the country will help bring a future of change to Lebanon.…
Atlantic Business Magazine just named its top 50 CEOs of the year. For the first time, an Indigenous business leader is at the top of that list. He heads a corporation that encompasses a dozen businesses, and two years ago he negotiated the purchase of Clearwater seafoods. Hear from Chief Terry Paul is CEO of Membertou.…
Canadians are paying record high prices at the pumps, yet oil companies such as Suncor, Enbridge, and Imperial Oil have all posted hefty profits. In some cases, those profits are record-setting as well. To explain why this is happening, we reach economist Jim Stanford.
With Wolfville council voting on whether to install CCTV cameras to curb vandalism, a group of residents held a webinar to look at research that shows CCTV surveillance is ineffective for the purposes the town intends it for. Criminologist Stephen Schneider spoke at the webinar.
For the first time, tidal power is flowing from a floating generator in the Bay of Fundy into the power grid. Energy companies have been conducting research projects in the area for years, but progress has been slow until now. Hear from Jason Hayman, CEO of Sustainable Marine Energy.
NSGEU members will be picking a new president at their annual convention in Halifax. Current president Jason MacLean first got involved in the union when he was a correctional officer in Cape Breton. He talks about why has chosen not to re-offer this time around, and what's next.
In a recent paper, researchers at the Toronto General Hospital described how they were able to effectively change the blood type in donor lungs. They changed it from type A to type O, often described as the 'universal donor' blood type. Dr. Seema Marwaha tells us more.
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