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KQED’s award-winning team of science reporters explores climate change, water, energy, toxics, biomedicine, digital health, astronomy and other topics that shape our lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a trusted news source, KQED Science tackles tough questions facing humanity in our time with thoughtful and engaging storytelling.
Get your weekly burst of scientific illumination from The Debrief’s network of rebellious journalists as they warp through the latest breaking science and tech news from the world of tomorrow. Every Friday, join hosts MJ Banias and Stephanie Gerk as they roundup the latest science and tech stories from the pages of The Debrief. From far-future technology to space travel to strange physics that alters our perception of the universe, The Debrief Weekly Report is meant for the dreamers who love ...
SIT'N Listen is a production of Science in the News - a graduate student run organization at Harvard University committed to (1) bridging the communication gap between scientists and the rest of the world and (2) catalyzing discussions between scientists, other experts and enthusiasts. Here at SITN we bring scientists to you! Listen in.
Culturally insensitive commentary, space-time stuff and world news. In each episode, Hosts Herbie Pearlman and Brian Horustopheles Labrecque will de-construct the anatomy of the physical and or political universe. Brian is a writer and indie film god and Herbie Pearlman is a guru and spiritual advisor to the world's homeless Viagra enthusiasts. Find us at
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Headlines:Epic’s hyperrealistic MetaHumans can soon be animated using an iPhone | The Verge (01:04)Cheap, fast induction tech enables unlimited-size 3D metal printing | New Atlas (04:55)Scientists develop 'cosmic concrete' to construct habitats on Mars | Interesting Engineering (10:53)New “Biohybrid” Neural Implant Could Restore Function in Paralyz…
On today’s episode, DARPA wants to build a giant futuristic boat plane, neutrinos have been spotted inside a particle accelerator for the first time, and controlling photons of light have always been tricky…until now. Every Friday, join hosts MJ Banias and Stephanie Gerk as they roundup the latest science and tech stories from the pages of The Debr…
Insect bites in plant fossils reveal leaves could fold shut millions of years ago Flower-producing and seed-producing plants developed the folding ability independently By Carolyn Gramling
Static electricity helps parasitic nematodes glom onto victims The electric charge generated by a flying insect is strong enough to pull in a leaping nematode By James R. Riordon
How raccoon dog DNA fits into the COVID-19 origins debate A new analysis links the foxlike animals with the coronavirus at the start of the pandemic It's been three years since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
By flying over atmospheric rivers, scientists aim to improve forecasts These drenching storms are pummeling the U.S. West Coast, bringing dangerous flooding and snow How to study atmospheric rivers By Carolyn Gramling
Air pollution made an impression on Monet and other 19th century painters Changes in contrast, color and visibility track with rising pollution in London and Paris By Bas den Hond
A new treatment could restore some mobility in people paralyzed by strokes An implant that electrically stimulates the spine let two patients open a lock and more By Darren Incorvaia
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