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Ronin is comprised primarily of current or former military and emergency services personnel. Rescue and Safety is what we do! It is our profession and our passion. Our staff have performed rescues in some of the worst conditions imaginable. We have seen the negative side of accidents and incidents knowing full well that with proper communication, procedure and training the majority of them are preventable. Our RescueCast is to talk about our procedures, issues in the rescue industry and othe ...
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Something different this week. In this RescueCast we interview 3 of the youngest employees of Ronin Rescue to get their thoughts on rope and rescue work. We discuss age and sexual discrimination on sites; their thoughts on what training works for their age group as well as what does not and their take on if their former experiences prepared them fo…
In RescueCast 47 we interview Damian about the differences in training and skill sets he needed to go from a fire department rescuer to a GRIMP team member and Team Leader. We also chat about his experiences leading a GRIMP Team and the leadership and management involved in being a GRIMP TL.Ronin Rescue tarafından oluşturuldu
For RescueCast 46 we interview Mikey Stevenson from the Rope Access and Climbing Podcast. We discuss variations in rope access regulations, why rope rescuer specific technicians may want to take rope access training and we get an insiders view of the Petzl Rope Trip.Ronin Rescue tarafından oluşturuldu
This PodCast is an interview with Legionnaire, writer and helicopter pilot Joel Struthers. We speak to Joel about life in the Legion, leadership traits he took away from the Legion. We chat about his new venture Legion Engineered - a clothing line that is brining awareness and supporting PTSD treatments. We also chat a bit about helicopters and som…
This podcast is a conversation with 4 individuals involved in rescue training and equipment manufacturing. We discuss how the COVID 19 Pandemic has created difficulties in the rescue community and try and answer some questions around rescue training and equipment issues during this time.Ronin Rescue tarafından oluşturuldu
The first of hopefully many interviews with rescue technicians about incidents they have responded to and the lessons they learned from those incidents. Learn what you can from others success and challenges so your team can be that much better. Here we discuss a confined space rescue incident.Ronin Rescue tarafından oluşturuldu
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