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Host Paul John Roach and his guests find the mystical core and explore the perennial philosophy amidst the infinite variety of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions. Paul emphasizes the practical application of spiritual wisdom imparted from poets, writers, philosophers, mystics, and scriptures in order to foster a deeper awareness and understanding in our everyday lives. Explore over 650 shows with thought leaders and spiritual teachers.
The show that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey and improve both your mindset & strategies as well as spark your creativity and curiosity. Sagi Shieber interviews mega-successful creative entrepreneurs about the strategies, tactics, and mindset needed in order to flourish in all areas in life. Ready to roll?
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Be the Best Leader by Following Your Purpose Today on the show we have Chris O'Connell, Chris's dad to three boys. He's a business and well-being coach for CEOs. He himself has built multiple companies reaching eight figures, and he's also the host of a great podcast called “The Purpose-Led Leadership Podcast”. Here's the podcast where we talk abou…
In this episode we talk with car legend Wayne Carini. You know Wayne from TV on Chasing Classic Cars and he called in from Newport Motor Week and the Audrain Museum. We chatted with our listener family and a bit of an update on my mobile home in Florida after hurricane Ianjohn paul tarafından oluşturuldu
Get Ready to Elevate Your Vertical Altitude For this week's episode, we have Ryan Gottfredson. This is his third time coming on the show and Ryan is all about mindset. So he's a professor who wrote a book called “Success Mindsets”. He developed a theory that you have four types of mindsets. But today we're going to discuss the evolution of his rese…
In this episode we cover some automotive news, the event I attended at Spark Charge, discussed James Dean's Porsche mystery paul tarafından oluşturuldu
Yoav has an amazing story that will definitely blow your mind. From teaching Tai Chi in China for years - to becoming a Founder and CEO of a Tech Startup. Enjoy this episode guys! Resources: Zoog's Website Yoav on LinkedinSagi Shrieber tarafından oluşturuldu
Do you want to know how a ninja reaches his goal? Let’s hear it from one! For this week's episode, I am grateful to have Philipp Anufriev with us on the Commit First Podcast. He is the founder of Graphics Federation, host of the 3-2-1 Podcast, mentor of Wellness & Lifestyle, an Israeli Ninja Warrior and father of two. In this episode Philipp explai…
In this episode we talk with Dan Ritopecki, Auction Director about some of the great cars, Petroliana and the museum in general. This looks like a fun place to visit and the auction looks like there is something for every budget. Plus we talked with our radio family and reviewed the Subaru WRXjohn paul tarafından oluşturuldu
In this episode we talk with Bob Broderdorf the Director of Dodge Brand Operations North America about the all new and very hot Hornet, plus a little about RoadKill, speedweek in Detroit. Play a little audio trivia (AAA membership giveaway) and talk with new and old friends of my radio family.john paul tarafından oluşturuldu
In this program we talk with Matthew Henderson Public Information Officer & Spokesperson, Mariluson Design that invented Soundbeam to improve road safety. Then we talk with AAA's Alec Slatky about how much it costs to drive your car. Check out the website it is great.…
In this episode we talked with the the folks from Ford about two different and equally fast vehicles, the F-150 Lightening Police truck and the Raptor version of the F-150 with a version of the engine out of the Mustang GT500. Then we review the very capable Hyundai Tucson Plug in Hybridjohn paul tarafından oluşturuldu
How To Buy An Affordable Electric Car: A Tightwad's Guide to EV Ownership by Matt Matt DeLorenzo. Matt has driven just about every car on the planet, but apparently he is cheap (like I have been accused of) but wanted to go electric. Check out the interview and his new bookjohn paul tarafından oluşturuldu
In this episode we learn all about battery maintenance with Bobbie Dumelle of the battery maintainer company CTEK, then we review the pretty incredible Chevrolet Bolt and answer some listener questionsjohn paul tarafından oluşturuldu
In this episode we talk with the executive analyst of and answer some car questions and review the all new Mazda CX-50 if you have a car question, comment or suggestionjohn paul tarafından oluşturuldu
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