December 2022: Energy Impressions


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Hi Friends! I hope you find some clarity in this episode to help you navigate the energy of December 2022 & utilize it so that you can develop even more trust in your intuition. Feeling into the month's energy helps you to focus and receive greater clarity. You are meant to SHINE as your unique & beautiful self. How can you stay open and expand your light when you feel dimmed - diminished in your expression? How can you trust yourself enough to share your gifts and talents with others, regardless of how it is received? This month can you honour the beauty inside of you and the beauty all around you? If you are manifesting or trying to create something new for yourself & the world - you have to be clear about where you are going & how you feel getting there. Remember that your intuition is not just a tool to help others but to help yourself too! I hope you enjoy it!

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