Episode 273 Part 1 with with the Author of ”She Seems So Normal” and Host of the ”She Seems So Normal” Podcast, Leigh Mackenzie


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Part 1 of this 2-Part Episode is with the Author of "She Seems So Normal" and Host of the "She Seems So Normal" Podcast, Leigh Mackenzie. In this episode, Leigh and Brian talk about:

  • Moving back to Chicago and it not being the city she remembered.
  • Her mindset change after turning 50.
  • Serving others to encourage herself and being a support person for Leaders.
  • The one thing about her book that will surprise the readers.
  • What happens when people fall from pedestals.
  • What's really behind the filter.

Connect with Leigh on Instagram and Facebook @xoxoleighmackenzie; www.leighmackenzie.com and find "She Seems So Normal" at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Watch this episode on The Intentional Encourager Podcast YouTube Channel and don't forget to subscribe: https://youtu.be/QhzaqtDNWIQ

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