Reinventing My 50s: Good Girl Gone - How I Ditched Perfectionism and People Pleasing to Find My Authentic Self with Wendy Hutchinson


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What's possible when we find the courage to reinvent and be our authentic selves?

When we shed who people think we should be and step into who we truly want and are meant to be?
The truth is, anything is possible when we learn to stand up for ourselves.
We can use self-empowerment to propel us forward as we reinvent ourselves. There are limitless opportunities to show up and shine, comfortable in our skin.
That's exactly what happened to my extraordinary guest, Wendy Hutchinson.
A lifelong people pleaser and self-proclaimed good girl, Wendy grew tired of putting everyone else before herself.
Instead of complaining, she did something about it.
She reinvented herself in bold ways and learned a lot about herself along the way. She shared so many powerful insights in our conversation:
✅ How learning how to love herself helped her see new possibilities
✅ Why perfectionism is a dream killer
✅ How she shed old aspects for herself to embrace who she really is - her authentic self
✅ Why reinvention is an inside job and not about acquiring "more stuff"
✅ How we can build our stress tolerance and learn to set boundaries during our reinvention journey (because some people will be resistant to the new, empowered you)
✅ Why we have to look at the stories we've been telling ourselves and determine if they're true
I love Wendy's reinvention story. I love the wisdom she shares. I love how she ditched people pleasing to emerge as a passionate, happy and fierce version of herself.
She reminds us that we can all find our Reinvention Rebel groove too. Each of us in our own unique way.
I can't wait for you to listen to her empowering story!
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