#179: Market update Oct 2022 – Regions fall faster than capitals, more pain for renters as yields catch up & construction finance drops off a cliff, YOLO hampers RBA inflation tactics & more!


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In this week's episode Dave, Cate and Pete take you through:

  1. Positive signs as home value index results show rate of decline slows
  2. Rental market continues to struggle as increasing rents continue, particularly for units
  3. Spring listings still slow, bucking typical seasonal trends
  4. What’s the correlation between dwelling sales and consumer confidence?
  5. How savings and YOLO factor into inflation
  6. How job security is impacting consumer sentiment
  7. New lending continues downward trend, however personal loans on the rise
  8. What does the bond yield say about where interest rates will end up?
  9. RBA revises inflation cap

And of course, our gold nuggets!

Cate’s gold nugget relates to the buyers out there who could apply market segmentation to the options out there, and she suggests how some of these segments could be bought advantageously, namely first home buyer stock and land-banking sites. Both of these opportunities have presented as these two buyer contingents have reduced their appetite in the current environment.

Dave’s gold nugget hinges around his sense that the property market is becoming a leading indicator, and he shares some great examples of how buyers can be savvy when it comes to taking advantage of the conditions we’re navigating.

Visit the show notes: https://propertyplanning.com.au/market-update-oct-2022-regions-fall-faster-than-capitals-more-pain-for-renters-as-yields-catch-up-construction-finance-drops-off-a-cliff-yolo-hampers-rba-inflation-tactics-more-ep-17/

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