With Karl Hughes. Working With Intention In Your Career


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It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with Karl for this episode which went off on such a massive tangent at the start. Despite that, we felt it was worth keeping, as sometimes it's worth doing things a little differently. If you want to skip to the more tech/work/career aspect of the episode, jump up to about the 21 or 32 minute mark.

Some points from the episode:

  • Should people be paid based on where they live or should they be paid on the role and its value to the company/organisation?
  • How do you make the mental shift from employee to business owner when creating a business?
  • What do you really want to do all day (5 days a week, 44-odd weeks a year)?
  • When do you work best?
  • Where do you work best?
  • Work with intention.
  • If you decided to start a business, the first few (or more) likely won't be your best.
  • Enjoy the journey as well as the little wins.


Guests: Karl Hughes (@KarlLHughes).

Hosted By: Matthew Setter.

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