Episode 699 - Captain Nick Suzuki, Owen Beck's new contract, and Filip Mesar to the AHL


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Inside today's Locked on Canadiens:

The Habs played their final preseason game without their final Opening Night roster(likely anyways), in another uneven effort against the Ottawa Senators. Scott takes a look at the game as a whole, and breaks down his stand out players, including the debut of new captain Nick Suzuki.

It was also a busy morning for the Montreal Canadiens, as Owen Beck was signed to a three-year entry level contract before Tuesday's game against the Senators. Scott breaks down his rapid ascension from the NHL Draft to the top of many fans prospect lists. What is the expectation for him when he returns to the OHL this year, and can he break into Team Canada for the next World Juniors tournament?

Speaking of prospect moves, 2022 first round pick Filip Mesar was one of seven players sent to the Laval Rocket on Tuesday morning. Scott takes a peak at who will join the AHL camp, and who is also on waivers for the Habs. He also runs through how Mesar went from a likely OHL-bound player, to potentially becoming a huge piece of the Laval Rocket offence this upcoming season.

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