75. From NFL to Real Estate Superstar with Dean Rogers


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Wrapping up the last episode in September is none other than Dean Rogers of the Home Helpers Group.

Dean is an ex-San Diego Chargers tight-end/running back and has spent his years after exiting the NFL building one of the Central Valley's most well-known investment companies.

Back in Season 2 Episode 5, we hosted Dean virtually on the podcast to talk about the best income-generating activities to skyrocket your business. On today's episode, we are especially excited to host him in-person in the studio to focus on all things investing, wholesaling, and networking. Dean also shares how the Home Helpers Group thrives on helping other investors, new or experienced, disposition their deals through their Friends with Benefits Program.

To connect with Dean and the rest of the Home Helpers Group, or to take advantage of their Friends with Benefits program, you can find them on Instagram @homehelpersgroup

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