Celtic View Podcast #7 – Women’s team special with Rachael Johnstone and Lucy Ashworth-Clifford


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It’s a special women’s team edition of the Celtic View Podcast this week as Ryan Maher is joined by Lucy Ashworth-Clifford and Rachael Johnstone. The pair sit down to chat all things life and football as they reflect on what’s been an enormous start to the season with six wins from six in the league. Having played in both of the women’s double cup final successes last season, Rachael also delves into the memory bank to reflect on a truly remarkable 2021/22 campaign. Both players give hilarious reactions to their teammates, as Lucy puts the squad under the spotlight with some quick fire random questions. Rachael is also the first in the hot seat of a new mini-series on the podcast ‘My Game, My Words’ where each week a member of the women’s team sits down and opens up about their journey to the club. To end, the pair take on the 60-second quick fire quiz, to see if they can beat Cameron Carter-Vicker’s high score of eight.

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