Dark City (1998)


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Big D returns from a booze cruise just in time to tackle a 1998 sci-fi sleeper that explores the nature of individuality, the impact of memories and the allure of Jennifer Connelly's mustache. Pack your bags for "Dark City!"

In this episode, Gene laments the movie's opening spoiler, and Ash ties together the look and feel of pretty much every '90s goth-industrial-hacker-vampire film while drooling over Rufus Sewell. Meanwhile, Big D takes a shot at Kiefer Sutherland, and everyone agrees "Dark City" has some badass set design.

Is there a difference between time travel and the mastery of telekinesis? Are Riff Raff and Mr. Hand the same person? Why wasn't this movie 10 minutes long? We raise these questions and more on behalf of longtime listener and author Ryan C.

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