Ep 135: Sara Schulting Kranz, Trauma Recovery with Nature and Forgiveness


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Episode 135 - Health Heroes! Meet Sara, she was raped at age 17 thern later after having three children and 17 years of marriage her husband told her the last 14 years hes been living a double life as a gay man. Life handed Sara a truckload of trauma and using nature she was able to transform herself and now leads others out of the dark and into the light on a daily basis. In this episode Sara will show you how to harness the healing power of nature and travel the road to forgiveness starting with yourself! I can’t wait for you to hear her story and get some insights from this conversation to help you or others you may know how to transform their trauma into confidence, resilience and happiness. I want to thank you for listening and sharing this podcast with others so they can take charge of their health and happiness! Love & Light -Coach Tim.

To connect with Sara or get a copy of her book “Walk Through This” go to: https://www.saraschultingkranz.com/

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