Ep. 27 - Meeting Your Students Where They Are - Jacob Funk


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"One of my opportunities here at this school is to be able to do ‘harder’ music while still honoring our mission of being for the community. I have people who don’t read music. I have people who have never been in a choir before in their lives. But everybody should sing, so come on in here, and let’s do the best we can."
Dr. Jacob Funk is director of choirs at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. He came to Clark from the University of Missouri—Kansas City where he completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Choral Conducting. During his doctoral study he was a Graduate Assistant to the Choral Department, Associate Conductor of the Conservatory Concert Choir and co-conductor of the University Singers. While at UMKC he also served as Opera Chorus Master and the director of Canticum Novum. Jacob earned his masters degree in choral conducting from the University of British Columbia, and his undergraduate degree in vocal performance from John Brown University. Jacob has taught 5-12 grade vocal music in the state of Kansas. He served on the music faculty of John Brown University and Northwest Arkansas Community College, and served as the Associate Choir Master at Grace Episcopal Church in Siloam Springs, AR, where he conducted the Adult Choir and oversaw the Grace Children’s Choir School.
To get in touch with Jacob, you can email him at jfunk@clark.edu.
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