Mobridge South Dakota Ice Fishing Tournament w/ chamber member and local business owner Jesse Konold


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This may be the largest 2 man ice fishing tournament in the world. The 22nd annual tournament has grown into a tournament that’s hard to get into because of the popularity. Jesse talks about how it started and what it takes to organize such a large tournament. The fishing tournament focuses on the popular walleye. You're able to weigh in 6 walleye total per 2 man team with only 2 fish being over 20 inches in length and 4 between 14 and 20 inches.
This fishing tournament is very well run and organized for having over 1000 participants. It's tough to get in so get your name in the lottery or purchase a team on ebay you will then be in every year. You also can't help to hook into some great tasting catfish and northern who will give you a fight you will remember.

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