BFFs: Dr. Jill and VP Kamala Harris . . . Border Security: Keeping Out the Canadians . . . High Level Thinkers . . . Weaponized Fruitcakes


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Adam and Jeff consider the startling report that Dr. Jill Biden did not want then-presidential candidate Joe Biden to put Kamala Harris on the ticket. Her outstanding performance as the Border Czar of the Canadian border is examined as is her role as "impeachment insurance" for President Biden. Jeff worries that he and Adam are simply not smart enough to appreciate the towering intellectual powers exhibited by various members of the Biden regime. As an example, they consider the brilliantly succinct explanation by Vice President Harris that the Russian invasion of Ukraine involves a very big country invading a much smaller country. They also talk about the singular ability of the U.S. military to project power across the world (e.g., Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait) in stark contrast to today's Russian armed forces which have great difficulty making it to the nearest Cracker Barrel without running out of gas. Putin's effort to rid Ukraine of all of its Nazis including those clever individuals like President Zelensky who pretend--like his parents and grandparents and great-grandparents before him--to be Jewish is also recounted. NATO's new popularity in Finland and Sweden underscores the attractiveness of a military alliance when a neighboring bully like Russia is committing atrocities in Ukraine. Adam and Jeff also consider the staggering military capabilities of fruitcakes.

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