BONUS EP #2 ZAP x CIH from Scotland's Festival of Housing 2022 - the UK private rental sector


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This Zero Ambitions bonus episode is the second part of our CIH collaboration, produced a Scotland's Housing Festival 2022.

Again, we're joined by Callum Chomczuk (National director, CIH Scotland) following the 'Four nations - one PRS system' session.

That session introduced PRS reps from across the UK presenting their take on the priorities and challenges faced by the PRS housing system, particularly looking at post-devolution divergence across the regions.

We were joined by:

Alice Simpson | Board member, CIH Scotland

Professor Ken Gibb | Director, UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE)

Daryl McIntosh | Policy manager, Property Mark

Douglas Haig | Board member, CIH Cymru and non executive Janet Hunter | CEO, Housing Rights

Many thanks to our speakers and all the guys at the CIH who helped us out on the day.

The CIH podcast can be found on the CIH website, Spotify, and the usual other apps.

We don't actually earn anything from this, and it's quite a lot of work, so we have to promote the day jobs.


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