BONUS EP #1 ZAP x CIH from Scotland's Festival of Housing 2022 - the right to a home


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We don't have a standard Zero Ambitions episode this week so we're putting out this bonus episode that we recorded back in May.

We are joined by Callum Chomczuk (National director, CIH Scotland) following the festival's opening session "The right to a home". It is the first of a collaborative two-parter we produced a the Chartered Institute of Housing's Glasgow Conference, Scotland's Housing Festival 2022.

At this session our speakers talked about why human rights and dignity must be at the heart of our housing policy, as well as the notion that having a stable, secure home is central to every aspect of our health, wellbeing, educational attainment.

We were joined by:

Gavin Smart | CEO, Chartered Institute of Housing

Dr Elaine Webster | Director, Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law, and Senior Lecturer at Strathclyde Law School

Fanchea Kelly | Chief executive, Blackwood Homes and Care

Mike Dailly | Solicitor advocate and principal solicitor, Govan Law Centre

Many thanks to our speakers and all the guys at the CIH who helped us out on the day.

The CIH podcast can be found on the CIH website, Spotify, and the usual other apps.

We don't actually earn anything from this, and it's quite a lot of work, so we have to promote the day jobs.


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