Steve Pretre: Partner, World Innovation Lab: Investing in innovation around the world (203)


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World Innovation Lab (WiL) is a US & Japan-based venture capital firm with capital from governments and leading global corporations based in Japan and throughout Asia. The company's vision is to be the bridge between startups and corporates in key hubs across the globe - starting with Japan and the US.

Matthew was joined by partner Steve Pretre.

Talking points include:

  • The areas of innovation in insurance that Steve and his colleagues are investing in, including opportunities in the emerging economies
  • Growth in embedded insurance and low code, and the implications this has on data sharing
  • How to build and maintain an ecosystem of partners that are distributing and underwriting insurance in different environments
  • What federated learning for machine learning means in practice
  • The Tokio Marine fund for seed and early-stage companies
  • Why WiL has a team based in Japan and the difference in distribution and financial services compared to the US

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The Learning Objectives for this podcast are:

  • List some innovative opportunities emerging for investors in the insurance space
  • Explain why low-code platforms have gained traction within the insurance industry
  • Summarise some of the differences in distribution and financial services for different international markets, such as the US and Japan

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