E75: Building a Game-Plan (GPS) for a Better Life with Matt Spielman


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In this week’s episode of THE POWER OF RE:INVENTION, I sit down with Matt Spielman, Founder and Head Coach of the performance coaching firm Inflection Point Partners. Matt shares his coveted Game Plan System (GPS) he and his executives have created to help people reimagine their goals and redefine their purpose.

We discuss the power of inflection and looking inward to determine our energy sources and how to ignite them into a better future. Matt teaches us what his GPS system can accomplish and how to solve our Purpose Puzzle for an impactful and meaningful life.

Key takeaways from today’s podcast:

  • The best “Ah-Ha” moments are those that you discover yourself
  • It is necessary to create “could” goals vs “should” goals
  • Lean into your energy source, not your energy drain
  • Just because you are good at something doesn't mean you have to do it!
  • Seize every opportunity to enjoy the reward
  • Share your goals with others in order to hold yourself accountable!

Matt Spielman’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattspielman/

Matt just released a new book, “Inflection Points: How to Work & Live with Purpose,” which can be found at https://www.theinflectionpointsbook.com/ or on Amazon.

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