"I'm Getting Off My Soap Box Now"+ Khloe and Tristan, Orlando Brown vs Bow Wow, Keke Palmer, Twitter Trends + The Great Debate: Card vs Cash


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This week’s episode is beyond chaotic and we’re honestly here for it. We start off with our thoughts on the latest baby drama surround Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson followed by a rant that includes airports, disco naps and IG captions (4:52-12:10). We then discuss the comment Orlando Brown made about Bow Wow that we’re still confused by (12:14- 17:35), Keke Palmer continuing to be a national treasure with her dedication to not knowing yt people which opens up the discussion to things/trends we’ve somehow missed (17:45-32:43), a recent Twitter trend that has women once again asking if men are capable of doing the bare minimum (32:47-40:54), before ending the episode trying to settle the great card vs. cash debate and where we both fall on the spectrum (40:56-49:15).

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