Preventative Care Through Purposeful Thinking with guest mentor Lucas Robak


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[About Lucas] Lucas admits to owning more books than he has shelf space for. He’s a #1 bestselling author and a contributor to numerous publications like Addicted 2 Success, Good Men Project, and Thrive Global. Lucas also has been interviewed on many podcasts and TV shows. In 2014 a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) empowered and motivated him to bring more value to the world. Within ten months Lucas became the organizer for The Wellness Fair. While reading a book to a friend’s son Lucas decided anyone can write a book. To prove this, a year later parents began reading his first book to their kids, “I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers.” This fun experiment found its way into Bob Proctor’s personal library and is being read to Jack Canfield’s grandson. After publishing 75 people around the world for fun, Lucas saw a need and business opportunity and is considered to be the Entrepreneurs Publisher and marketer. [10-Minute Challenge] Analyze your thoughts by asking yourself "What am I thinking right now?" This will help you determine if your thoughts are beneficial or not, and if necessary change to something more empowering. [Connect with Lucas] *** Wondering how to get more quality customers? [FREE DOWNLOAD] 3 Digital Communication Tools that Lead to More Customers --- Support this podcast:

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