Episode 7: Jack Curry


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We are joined by Jack Curry of the YES Network, a two-time New York Times bestselling author who is looking to make it three with "Swing and a Hit: Nine Innings of What Baseball Taught Me," an upcoming collaboration with Paul O'Neill. Jack sets the time circuits for April 13, 1990, when we'll revisit his first mainbar assignment covering the Yankees for The New York Times. Jack's car was towed by the NYPD hours before Pascual Perez tossed that night's first pitch against the Texas Rangers, a valuable lesson that anything can happen when you're covering the Yanks! We'll dive into early 1990s pop culture, discuss the joys and challenges of covering baseball in a world before e-mail (let alone Twitter), and Jack recounts the time his mom interrupted an interview with George Steinbrenner to announce that dinner was ready.

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