“Changing the World and Sending Love One Book, Play and Film at a Time” with Amy Ferris


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“Changing the World and Sending Love One Book, Play and Film at a Time” with Amy Ferris Amy Ferris is an author, editor, screenwriter and playwright. Her screen adaptation of J. California Cooper's short story, Funny Valentines (Director: Julie Dash) was nominated for a Best Screenplay Award (BET, Black Reel). Her screen credits include the feature: Mr. Wonderful (Director: Anthony Minghella) and two TV series - Tattingers , (Tom Fontana/Bruce Paltrow - Producers/Directors - NBC) and Jack's Place (Scott Brazil, Director, Showrunner - CBS). Amy curated & edited two anthologies: Dancing at The Shame Prom (co-edited with Hollye Dexter), and Shades of Blue - Writers on Depression and Feeling Blue (both published by Seal Press) Shades of Blue went on the proverbial road, ala Vagina Monologues - hitting numerous cities and changing lives! And In 2012, Amy's memoir - Marrying George Clooney - was adapted into an Off-Broadway play. In 2018, Amy was honored with Women's eNews prestigious award 21 LEADERS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. In 2020, Amy co-authored OLD SCHOOL LOVE (HarperCollin Publishers) with Rev Run of Run DMC fame. This year she was the recipient of NextTribe's award: 12 WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD IN 2021. Amy is currently co-director, along with Debra Engle, of the Story Summit Writer's School - founded in 2019 by David Kirkpatrick who was the head of Production at both Paramount Pictures and Disney Studio. Amy serves on a few boards, co-founded a literary Festival and is trying desperately to finish her next memoir, The Mess of Love for SheWritesPress, Pub Date:2023 The Storytellers hosted by Grace Sammon, focuses on individuals who choose to leave their mark on the world through the art of story. Each episode engages guests and listeners in the story behind the story of authors, artists, reporters and others who leave a legacy of storytelling. Applying her years of experience as an educator, entrepreneur, author, and storyteller herself, Grace brings to listeners an intimate one-on-one experience with her guests. Visit Grace at her website www.gracesammon.net. Contact Grace about being a guest on the show, email her at grace@gracesammon.net Follow Grace: On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GraceSammonWrites/ On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/GraceSammonWrites/ On Twitter https://www.twitter.com/GSammonWrites On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grace-sammon-84389153/ #TheStorytellers #Storyteller #Storytellers # Storytelling #AuhtorInterview #LetsTalkBooks #LeaveYourMark #AuthorLife #StorytellerLife #ArtofStory #AuthorTalkNetwork #BookishRoadTrip #AuthorTalkNetwork #awardwinningfiction #AuthorsOnTheAirGlobalRadioNetwork #womensfiction #filmmaking #author #OffBroadway #georgeclooney #memoir #shewritespress #harpercollins #paramountpictures #disneystudios The Storytellers is a copyrighted work © of Grace Sammon and Authors on The Air Global Radio Network.

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