18 Turning Ideas To Income


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When you're forming a business idea or trying to breathe life into one, there are two fundamental aspects that need to be defined and analysed.
They are:

  1. What you'll deliver
  2. How you'll deliver it

The 'what' relates to making sure that you've pinpointed the exact problems you're solving for your clients.
The 'how' is the way you'll deliver these solutions while ensuring that they're compatible with your clients.

And both of these things need to be aligned with what your clients actually want - not what you think they want.

So, to turn an idea to income, the idea itself needs to be robust and that's what I'll focus on today.

Stage 1 is a way to check if an idea is a keeper

Stage 2 is analysing it from a strategic perspective, so things like, making sure it's aligned with the direction you want to take your business in, and getting feedback from potential customers

Stage 3 is about phasing your launch so that you can secure customers before you've invested time and money into bringing your idea to life or before you've actually launched

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- Sumantha

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