Hidden Gems 1: Executing Your Vision ft #Washed


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When we wrapped up Season 3 of the pod there were a few files that we thought got lost forever but luckily we were able to find them! So over the next few weeks BWR Podcast will be doing a throwback to these hidden gems from 2021. On this episode, we talk with Jerod Couch, Yvonne Williams, & Byron Hardy, the producers of #Washed, an Emmy-Award Winning independent TV series that started a movement in the DFW. The team shares how they were able to bootstrap the project on a micro budget to create a high-quality final product by building a team and getting creative. Tap in to learn what it takes to get people to buy in to your vision, get a behind the scenes perspective of producing a show, and how to monetize your creative endeavors to execute your vision.

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