TalkCast 522 – We’re Going To Talk To This Guy….


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In tonight’s ‘Cast, we get a surprise guest and get to spend the time with Mickey Mikkelson, Owner and Operator of Creative Edge Publicity, a company that Sci Fi Saturday Night has forged at strategic alliance with over the past four years. We met Mickey when one of our friends/favorite authors mentioned us to him, he listened to us and the rest is muddied in history. Mickey has brought us a myriad of interesting guests over the years so we though is appropriate to bring out the man behind the curtain and talk to him for a change. Enjoy The chaos.

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What’s Capt. Cam Watching?

Captain Cam is always trying to improve himself. Of late I have been working on improving my cooking skills and the first place I went to was the Mecca of cooking information, YouTube. I entered into the search engine ‘cooking videos appropriate for Captain Cam’ and I got the following Dining with Danhausen cooking Hot Pockets’. It was right about my speed.

Danhausen does a variety of videos but the cooking ones caught my eye. How to describe Danhausen? In a blender add every late night horror movie host, a dash of PeeWee Herman, and Simpsons humor and you have Danhausen. And what better person to learn cooking from then someone whose day job is professional wrestler? Next is a lesson on making popcorn.

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