Episode 93 : Billenium Falcon


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A five hour feast of vintage Star Wars collecting chowder. Join the lads in their quest to collect and talk about more stuff than their man caves can physically contain. Will the repair to the rift in Jason's collecting room hold out? Tune in.

Joining the usual hosts this month is chief wizard of all things social media and sound editing, Chris Porteous. We recorded on a Sunday so we nabbed him and made him talk.

Our main interview is with Bill Kimberlin who is known for his amazing VFX work on Return of the Jedi and possibly the best ever film outside of Star Wars: Star Trek III - The Search for Spock.

Reviews of Echo Base Live enhance the lads pick ups this month, but does Richard finally add something to his collection?

A scandal in the community has the jaws wagging and heated discussion breaks out when a sacred law of collecting is broken.

The licensee this episode is Adam Joseph Industries, resulting in the hosts setting themselves a collecting challenge. Dial in and find out exactly what it is, and will Richard be joining in?

Plus all the usual fun, frolics and vintage juiciness.

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