845 - How to build with the iPhone Inventor, Tony Fadell!


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Quoting Tony Fadell: 'The best products are painkillers. Why? Because people need them. People, some people buy vitamins because they think they're going to help they are as they might be placebos. Other people buy painkillers, when you have back pain, when you have a headache, you buy that to get rid of that pain. And that's the best kind of product is when this when the individuals that you're trying to the audience you're trying to target, they have the pain, and you have a real answer for that pain.'

In this episode of The James Altucher Show! I was joined by the one and only, Tony Fadell, an American engineer, innovator, designer, entrepreneur, coach, active investor, author, inventor of the iPod, iPhone, and founder and former CEO of Nest Labs, to talk about his new book, Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making, and also the history of iPod, and iPhone!

Of course, when you have someone with his credential, who has worked with Steve Jobs and invented the iPod and iPhone, we have to talk about the origin of both of the devices, and how it is working for Steve! Also, the origin of the Nest thermostat and Nest Labs!

We also talked about what made a good product, and a good idea? His thought on AR, VR versus Metaverse, and his commitment to Futureshape, where he mentors and invest in engineer or scientist working on foundational technology to make the future a reality!

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