Episode 326: Finding Yourself and Finding Your Voice: Speaking to Derek of Archpalatine


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One of the freshest new artistic voices standing out amongst the backdrop of the City of Brotherly Love’s many multi-faceted and musically talented artists. Archpalatine the singer, songwriter, pianist, performer, and charismatic band front-man Derek Anthony Wilson is poised to not only create a lane for himself and his bandmates (Anthony Pompey - vocals, Aaron Wolf - percussion, Ben High – bass, and John Palmer - Synths/Direction), but also blaze a trail for creative risk takers, soulful story tellers, and theatrical musicians who challenge the old guard of musical gate keepers.

Wilson is a classically trained concert vocalist, National Marian Anderson Historical Society scholar artist, and internationally touring musician who’s accolades both on and off-stage are only rivaled by his desire to use his musical platform and gifts to initiate and support social change, engage spirit and talent, and course ambitions within the musical landscape. With a penchant for beautifully and seamlessly blending genres, Archpalatine sires a sound that is just as difficult to pigeonhole into one category as it is to forget.

Archpalatine breaks down genre to create a new sound that may eloquently and appropriately be called “Histrionic Cosmic Soul”. The feel-good music gifted to the audience at an Archpalatine show offers a long-time abandoned experience that can be enjoyed by every group of people from all walks of life, every taste in entertainment, all preferences and interests, and moves the soul, be it in the form of smiles on faces to dancing out of your seat.Archpalatine infuses his musical presentations with theatrics traditionally reserved for stage shows and are reminiscent of large-scale Broadway features — be they performed on a grand scale, in intimate rooms, or at the trendiest outlets.

Performances by this musical powerhouse develops rapport with the audience, encourages audience participation through call & response, and incorporates danceable rhythms. Shows regularly include one-of-a-kind fashion designs and electronic components that engages both the audible and visual senses, alike. Not content with mere showmanship and intriguing music that makes you feel elation. Archpalatine aims to leave his audience so infused with good vibes and positivity that any in attendance is prone to leave a show feeling more jubilation than possessed upon arrival.

In our conversation we talk to Derek about his beginnings as a musician from the choir to what he does today. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.


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