Episode 92 : Brian’s Star Wars Toys


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Episode 92 - Brian’s Star Wars Toys - The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye! That jolly little leprechaun Richard introduces a show recorded on St Patrick’s Day, with special guest Brian Hickey hailing from the Emerald Isle. The lads come up with their best blarney as they take a look at the Irish Star Wars connection.

There’s TV talk, as we look back at the finale of The Book of Boba Fett, where Jason’s predictions came scarily true, and then forward to Obi-Wan, with a dive into the latest news and of course that trailer.

The lads run down a bumper list of latest acquisitions and give shout outs to some wonderful finds from around the collecting world, followed by a lively Action Figure Face-Off, and a quiz led by Pete, but with a strong Canadian flavour.

Rebel Briefings sees the boys hear an amazing Kiwi tale from Mark Catley, look ahead to a collection of conventions, go scouting for toys, discover a body in the River Thames, and ponder the sale of a grail.

Our main interview guest Brian Hickey is a photographer with an amazing eye for action shots of action figures, and a talent for recreating movie scenes in miniature. We talk about childhood, collecting, projects, and future plans.

The show rounds off not with a bang, but a bag, as the lads look at Frankel & Roth school bags and pencil cases. From Jason’s con bag to Spoons’ satchel, it’s a quick belt through bags and backpacks of all kinds.

All this and the usual stuff and nonsense, look out for the podcast in all the usual places.

Our technical Jedi, Mr Chris Porteous has also put this altogether on the moving pictures website:


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