117. A Conversation with Bloomberg Philanthropies CEO Patti Harris


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The pandemic has exacerbated some of the biggest challenges facing the world, from climate change to public health, and government leadership to education. Over the past few years, Bloomberg Philanthropies has doubled down on existing commitments, expanded our partnerships, and formed new ones to make the biggest impact possible. That work wouldn't be possible without the leadership of Patti Harris - our Chief Executive Officer, who oversees all of Mike Bloomberg's giving, including his philanthropic, corporate, and personal giving, as well as Bloomberg Associates, a pro bono consultancy that works with mayors in cities around the world. In this episode, Bloomberg Philanthropies CEO Patti Harris sits down with Hank Paulson, the 74th US Treasury Secretary, and a member of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Board of Directors, to discuss her experience in public service, the importance of hiring a great team, rallying the private sector to support the clean energy transition, and more. Their conversation was adopted from Straight Talk, a podcast by the Paulson Institute.

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