3 Keys To Building Your Business The Feminine Way - A Solo Episode


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I am beginning to get into this rhythm of talking to you each month in a solo episode, and I am really enjoying it. Each time, I come to you with a new theme and some of the insights on how you can create your dream life and your dream business by acting in alignment with your highest self. By now, you know how much I believe in the power of being your most authentic self, so I hope you enjoy listening to this episode, as much as I enjoyed sharing these tips with you.

I share with you today:

- The journey from "being" you to "becoming" your true self

- Why you need to practice being in the space of your highest self

- Learning business strategies to take action that's aligned with your nature

- The importance of marketing your business; your way

- Some of the false beliefs around money that you need to let go of so you can have more

Julie’s upcoming program is the Sistermind of Business Goddesses, a different way to build your financially successful, soul-fueled business, where we combine the action-oriented Masculine with the collaborative, creative Feminine to craft strategies that are uniquely yours, highlighting your deep, respected wisdom and attracting your exactly right soul-clients.

You can schedule your interview here (https://juliefouchtcoaching.as.me/schedule.php) to assess if you will be the right fit for this program.

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